The Anson County Writers' Club is proud to present the sixth annual Back Porch Stories! The event will be held at the Ansonia Theatre in Wadesboro on April 7. The entertainment begins at 7:00 p.m. and tickets are $5, available at the box office prior to the show.

Ron Jones ( grew up on a dairy farm in North Carolina in a whole family of storytellers. After twenty-eight years as a library administrator and consultant, for the past ten years he has been sharing stories with audiences of all ages. From traditional folktales to bilingual English/Spanish stories to original tales and legends- he strives to take audiences on an animated and high energy ride! His series of family stories are meant to make you laugh with joy or tug at your heart strings and everything between.
As a storyteller, Ron believes strongly in the rich oral tradition of storytelling and the joy and mindfulness it brings to us all. He has performed in schools, libraries, museums, and at festivals throughout the southeast and in Canada and Mexico.

Jess Willis says, "I am an artist and storyteller currently living in South Carolina. I build giant puppets and freaky/funky masks from salvaged and re-purposed materials. I tell stories to everyone from the very young to the very old, true stories, folk tales, and outright lies…whatever the occasion calls for. I am on the path of an authentic life with my longtime love and our three cats and we have no idea what will happen next."

Robin Kitson ( believes we all start life as happy babies sucking our toes, and blowing spit bubbles. Others are happy to clean us no matter the mess. We believe we are "all that" with hearts bright and shiny. As we grow we hear “no,” “don’t," "stop that," and "don't touch." Our hearts get a bit of rust till one day our hearts are completely encrusted and no longer shine. What we need is a storyteller to remind us we are still that baby who is "all that." As we travel through story our heart swells and swells and pretty soon it gets so big that BOOM!! the rust flies off and our hearts shine again. Come on so Robin can show you how "Stories Polish Your Heart"!